Eloise is a Berlin-based graphic designer building visual identities and for web + print, driven by research and ideation. She works with creative partners and as a freelancer for clients of all shapes and sizes. Available for non-for-profit and charity working. Eloise graduated from Werkplaats Typografie (MA) in Arnhem (ArtEZ, NL), and LCC (BA) in London (UAL, UK). Eloise is close collaborators of Tina Lehmkuhl & Oli Sabin, often designs with & for Marek Polewski (2020–), HelloMe (2019–), co-founded Garb.life, worked on ShapeNovel, Nike ASW, and has held practice–process workshops at EKA, Halle & UE. 

Reach out: mail@eloiseharris.com(+49) 157 757 39 127.
Full portfolio including freelance work, available on request.