Eloise is a Berlin based graphic designer building visual identities driven by research and culture. Always with the aim of communicating creatively and positively, she works with creative partners, and as a freelancer for clients of all sizes.
She graduated from Werkplaats Typografie (MA) in Arnhem (ArtEZ, NL), and LCC (BA) in London (UAL, UK), is close collaborators of Tina Lehmkuhl & Oli Sabin, often designs with & for Marek Polewski (2020–) and HelloMe (2019–), creatively leads Nea-Kosma, designed for BTA, Berliner Philharmoniker, ShapeNovel, Nike ASW, co-founded Garb.life and holds design process workshops (at EKA, Halle & UE). 

Reach out: mail@eloiseharris.com
Full portfolio including freelance work, available on request. 


Lonely hearts, calling for typeface matches

By UE students

Creative strategy & identity design for Nea–Kosma who are bridging the financial and creative worlds. Evolving image language and custom font shaped N–K's voice. 


Toothbrush design for Daily Practice (Actual Source + Dinamo)... in production, with Sophie Frances Coates as Garb

don’t be evil

Poster design for Ad93 (fka Whities) at Panorama Bar, inspired by Portal

Panorama bar

OOUS identity design


Record Cover for Ad93, a collision of naturals with un-naturals for the environmentally concerned poetry it contains, designed with Alex McCullough 

Lord Of The Isles ft. Ellen Renton for Whites

Co-founder and Creative identity of Garb, with Sophie Frances Coates


Identity design for experimental global music festival Night Of Surprise brought to Cologne by Thomas Glaesser, set in played with Pirelli 

Night Of Surprise 2022

XJAZZ Festival Identity 


Creative direction, graphic design and a sturdy unapologetic custom font and logo design for the fine crafted jewellery brand with humour, Migle, with Dinamo font Asfalt


Online webshop and parallel campaign gallery space, as Designer & Creative Director of Migle, web development by Maxwell Simmer.


For James K, unused, with Alex McCullough.

Cover for Ad93
Defrost by Melt

Workshop with EKA graphic design students, virtual togetherness during lockdown.

Community Garden

Logo design for Auto Italia gallery

Auto Italia

Sharing Valuable Information: An Encyclopaedic Urge is a design Workshop with Burg Halle participants, held with Tina Lehmkuhl. We share–educated in isolation, exploring the difficulties of digital mass. "...Your 3200x3200px gift.gif must contain all of your research in one image, it will fill the display at 300%, and will open top left..." Work above by participants Jule Eretier and Paula Schumacher.

Halle workshop

Book design for Marina Hoppmann on loss & Love. Mothers & Daughters is portraits and memories featuring Zsusanna, Zsuzsa, Maja, Ewa, Carmela, Gabi, Malaika, Maria-João, Marina, Ria, Luise & Elenor. 

Mothers & Daughters

Website for photographer Marina Hoppmann, developed by Julian Priess.


Design & direction for Happy Ears x Migle campaign (2020) - Photography: Max Pietro Hoffmann, Film direction: Drew Lint, Dance: Shade Theret, Justin Smith & Mariana Vieira, Film production: Migle, Photography direction: Kevin Klein, Styling: Tim Heyduck, Music: Theta Cool

Migle x Happy Ears

Visual design concept for LA based magazine Autre, as fires devastated California (2019) with Scott Barry

Autre magazine

If only we protected our globe as well as all of our precious packaged products. (My new progressive studio mates don't recycle)

Form magazine

Logo & Identity for FrameWorks agency, Berlin. Designed with Johannes Breyer


Identity Design for Night Of Surprise festival, showcasing a clash of experimental musicians from around the world (2019) all set in powerful Pirelli by Jung Lee Type foundry, project made possible by Magnus Von Welck

Night of Surprise music festival