Migle x Happy Ears, , 2020

Art direction for Migle campaign launching ear-plug jewellery. Film direction by Drew Lint, Photography by Max Pietro Hoffmann, Dancers are Shade Theret, Justin Smith & Marin Vieira, Director or photography is Kevin Klein and Music by Theta cool.

Lord Of The Isles ft. Ellen Renton for Whites, , 2020

Design with Alex McCullough

Panorama bar, , 2020

For Whites

migle-editions, , 2020

Web design for migle-editions.com
Developed by Max Simmer

Night of Surprise, , 2019

Design identity for Cologne’s experimental music festival
Set in Pirelli typeface thanks to Jung-Lee type foundry

Autre magazine, , 2019

Concept and special fx designed to complement the intense content Autre magazine issue 7

Miglė, , 2018–20

Graphic identity and Art direction for Migle.
Campaigns with Justinas Vilutis, Marina Hoppmann and Philippe Gerlach

EUnited.co, , 2019

Poster generator created to raise the Youth Vote in the 2019 European Parliament Elections, with Artur Turkuli and Kemmler Kemmler
See EUnited.co

WT Papier, , 2017

25 Books for WT Papier – the paper department of the master programme (and publisher) Werkplaats Typografie, initiated with Sabo Day & Rob Milne on the occasion of the NY Art book fair to test the myth of the ‘WT brand’. WT Papier is leftover sheets coated with white offset ink giving it new life. Its qualities are showcased with re-issued publications turned standardised paper dummies.

FrameWorks, , 2018

Identity and flexible Logo design for Berlin based booking agency FrameWorks. With Johannes Breyer.

BADLAND Magazine, , 2018

Graphic Design for BADLAND magazine issue 2: The Devil’s Sunbed, with Bus.group.
(208p, 210 x 280mm, 4C Offset Printed)

Nachtdigital, , 2018

Identity proposal for Nachtdigital Festival, with the theme ‘FLEXI’, straightening up the three-time world all-around champion gymnast Simone Biles. With Bus.group.

Structuur, , 2016

A building system initially developed in 2016 for ‘The Perambulating Bookshop’ displaying books in unknown locations of various terrains, from the Chinati Foundation in Marfa to MOCA Los Angeles. Structuur held and furnished Thomas Bizzarri’s show ‘On-Air’ (FR), WT bookstore on the rails of Radio Kootwijk (NL), Ines Cox’s ‘school in a school in a school’ (FR), Sandberg Instituut (NL) bookstore. With Auriane Preud’homme.