Eloise is a Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Berlin, with a focus on visual identities. Since graduating from LCC, in London (2013) and Werkplaats Typografie, in Arnhem (2017) she runs her own practice and works with other design studios. Eloise creates visual worlds for small progressive businesses, cultural institutions and creatives across digital & print media, as well as teaches Graphic Design workshops, most recently at 👉 Burg Halle, and is co-founder of 👉 Garb life accessories.

Get in touch for projects, enquires, or for a full portfolio:
👉 eloise.c.harris@gmail.com
👉 @eloise.c.harris.

Artwork for Defrost, Melt
Night of Surprise (2019)

Design identity for Cologne’s experimental music festival, showcasing musicians from all corners of the world. Set in Pirelli typeface thanks to Jung-Lee type foundry.

Developed by Julian Prieß.

Miglė (2018–20)

Graphic Identity and Creative Direction for jewellery brand Migle, including campaigns with Justinas Vilutis, Marina Hoppmann, Alejandra Ruiz-Zorrilla, Max Pietro Hoffmann, Drew Lint and Happy Ears. The brand typeface is a custom version of Asfalt, Thanks to the Dinamo family <3. Packaging shot by MiglÄ— KazlauskaitÄ—!

Web shop with parallel online gallery space with and for Migle, developed by Max Simmer.

Migle x Happy Ears (2020)

Art direction for print & film campaign launching Migle’s unique ear-plug jewellery, ‘Looking inwards’. Film direction by Drew Lint, photography by Max Pietro Hoffmann, Production by MiglÄ— KazlauskaitÄ—, Dancers are Shade Theret, Justin Smith & Marin Vieira, Director or photography is Kevin Klein, Styling by Tim Heyduck and Music by Theta cool. See the film here.

Garb (2020)

Identity design and direction for craft driven life accessories brand, Garb. Using Marfa typeface by Dinamo.

Break Bread by GARB (with Sophie Frances Coates) (2020)

Banner design for Kunsthall Stavanger, publishing the anti-racist resources list by Black History Month Norway.

Lord Of The Isles ft. Ellen Renton for Whites (2020)

Design with Alex McCullough

FrameWorks (2018)

Visual Identity and flexible Logo design for Berlin based booking agency FrameWorks, designed with Johannes Breyer, using Whyte by Dinamo.

Special effects and concept designed to follow the intense content of Autre #7, during the 2019 forest fires in California. With Thanks to Scott Barry.

Panorama bar poster inspired by Portal (2020)
Nachtdigital (2018)

Identity proposal for Nachtdigital Festival, with the theme ‘FLEXI’, straightening up the three-time world all-around champion gymnast Simone Biles. With and for Bus.group.

EUnited (2019)

Identity design and poster generating website for initiative to raise the European election youth vote.
Project for Clara Nebeling & Kemmler Kemmler, developed by Artur Turkuli.

Unorganised Responce, Auto Italia (2019)